Q: What is happening?

A: Dark Tower Comics and Collectibles is expanding! In November 2023 we will be taking over the G-Mart Comics retail locations in Logan Square (Chicago) and Champaign as G-mart transitions into a 100% ‘Virtual Comic Shop.’

We’re excited to build upon G-Mart Comics’ impressive three decades serving the nerd community and look forward to making the stores the best they can be.

Q: What can G-Mart customers expect?

A: Dark Tower will carry the same gaming, manga and comic items that you’re used to while also expanding the selection of back issues, trade paperbacks and gaming accessories. We will continue to host gaming events and are hoping to host additional game nights and events throughout the week. Let us know what changes and additions you’d like to see.

Q: What about the G-Mart employees?

A: They’re coming along! The G-Mart retail team members are joining us on this adventure and they are absolutely bursting with ideas to make the stores AMAZING!

Q: What about Pat in Logan Square?

A: Pat’s still in Logan Square! You gotta have Pat in Logan Square. No need to worry!

Q: What can existing Dark Tower customers expect?

A: No major changes. You’ll be able to utilize your discount across multiple locations or transfer your Pullbox to a different store if it’s a more convenient pick-up location for you.

Q: What else is happening?

A: COMING SOON – a new website with an expanded subscription section experience – you’ll be able to update your pull list, pre-order items and have a birds eye view of all upcoming solicitations.